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Website last updated 22.3.2020

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Page last updated 24.09.2019

The CVFF exists so that villagers in the Chew Valley can influence how flood protection, mitigation and warnings can be improved.

This website has been set up as a resource for CVFF members. Membership is free and open to anybody in the Chew Valley catchment area e.g. the parishes of Chew Magna, Chew Stoke, Winford, and Dundry. In addition to the website, e-mails are sent to members to draw attention to new activities and developments.

To join the CVFF, ask questions or provide feedback and information, please e-mail the Secretary:

[email protected]

  • To find out more about the CVFF click on the “About Us” Tab above.
  • What’s Going On” sets out the current issues and where the CVFF Steering Committee is focusing its efforts.
  • The EA, Warnings & Parish Council” Tab covers the CVFF’s engagements with The Environment Agency and has useful links to the EA’s web sites and to the Chew Magna Parish Council
  • Flood Insurance” contains information on Flood Re gathered from the Association of British Insurers.
  • Notes of CVFF meetings, background reports/studies, Property Level Protection, and past CVFF activities can be found under the “More” Tab