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Page last updated: 30.09.2019

13 October 2016 Modelling meeting (UWE Projects Update 22 September 2016 click to open) with Prof Nevil Quinn. Several members of the Steering group met with Nevil Quinn to discuss issues with the EA flooding model for the Chew Valley area, and the scope for retaining water higher in the catchment area to reduce flood level.

4 April 2015 Public Meeting on Computer Modelling Results The Environment Agency has arranged with the Chew Magna Parish Council to present the longawaited results of the EA Flood Modelling. The meeting will be on Tuesday 14 April at 7pm in the Old School Room Chew Magna, and is open to everyone. The EA will present their analysis of the conditions that caused the floods and of the various mitigation scenarios. The meeting will also address de-silting and the effects of Bristol Water's Reservoirs on flooding.

September 2014. A progress report on the activities of the CV Flood Forum since formation is attached (Word doc click to open).

1 February 2014 CVFF Co-Chair Mike Curtis exchanged emails in early January with Bristol Water requesting action to reduce the water level of the Chew Valley Reservoir, because of the risk associated with high rainfall coupled with a full lake. The text of these emails is attached (Lake level reduction request 06 01 2014 , Word doc click to open). Subsequently Mike exchanged emails with Ed Lockington and Joby Graham (Environment Agency), and this correspondence together with Mike's comments and update is attached (Lake level reduction iss Jan 2014. Word doc click to open).

24 January 2014 Chew Valley Reservoir levels and drain off matters. Attached are two pieces of correspondence between the Flood Forum and Martin Berry of Bristol Water relating to the issues around active management of water levels. 1) Martin Berry 18 Oct (Word doc, click to open), and 2) BW Response to 22 Oct questions (pdf, click to open).

19 May 2014 River Chew Catchment Modelling Fact Sheet The EA have provided more background on the aims and scope of their modelling for the River Chew, the Chew Stoke Stream, the Regil Stream and Winford Brook. The Fact sheet (pdf attached click to open) summarises the aims, scope and timetable for producing the modelling. The Flood Forum hopes the modelling will help identify schemes to reduce the impact of flooding.

6 August 2014 Interim Modelling results - meeting with Environment Agency and B&NES on 29 July. The Steering Committee together with its adviser Prof Nevil Quinn (UWE) and Parish Councillor Bob Luton met with the EA, Bristol Water and B&NES to learn the initial results. The model is based on the hydrology of the area (see item under 23 July) combined with the best records of the amount of rainfall (and the extent and depth of flooding) during the September and November 2012 flood events. At this stage the scenarios covered were the influence of Chew Valley Lake assuming various amounts of 'fullness', the impact of the Stanton Road bridge (B3130 near Norton Lane), the effect if a weir below this bridge was removed, the influence of realigning the confluence of the River Chew and Winford Brook, and the influence of lowering the Chew Magna Reservoir. The modelling suggests that implementing schemes based on these scenarios would have a modest beneficial impact. The Steering Committee has asked for further analysis of these results and conclusions. The EA is stiil to complete other scenarios. For a detailed note on all of this see the attached notes. The meeting also discussed the current state of play with the enhanced PLP, and some issues around flood warnings. Notes on this meeting are attached Word doc click to open. The EA will organise with Chew Magna Parish Council a public presentation of the Chew Magna modelling results after the summer holidays.

22 March 2014 Use of local reservoirs for flood control. Correspondence from Bristol Water Chief Executive, and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP is attached. Bristol Water state they do not attempt to use the reservoirs as flood control devices and have no legal requirement to do so. However they do say they are working with the other authorities to "understand what system changes may mitigate any residual flood risks." Letters (Pdf - click to open)

22 February 2014 See attached correspondence to Co-Chair Mike Curtis from our MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and to the MP from the Environment Agency (South West Director, Richard Cresswell) concerning the modelling work and the reassessment of property Level protection measures - Letters from Jacob Rees-Mogg and Environment Agency Feb 2014 (Word doc, click to open). The Co-Chairs also think it is important the forum members know the MP is active on our behalf. In addition to the above, he has contacted the ABI concerning the importance of affordable insurance and also Bristol Water, who advised they were working with Lead Authorities to investigate and understand what system changes could mitigate flood risk.