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Current Activities

Page last updated: 30.12.2019

 Environment Agency (EA)

The EA has agreed to try to make the texts of Flood Alerts clearer e.g. distinguish between the possibilities of road/low level land flooding (i.e. access problems) and potential property flooding.

When UK Flood Barriers ceased trading the CVFF raised the issue of PLP maintenance with B&NES and The EA. The EA is tendering for a new, national running/call off contract with a flood protection supplier, but this will not include maintenance of existing equipment. The Steering Committee will continue to liaise with The EA to see if it might be possible for homeowners to obtain maintenance contracts with the EA’s chosen supplier - if the supplier is willing to undertake such work.

River Chew Compensation Flow Changes (Note for December 2019 progress reports on this see under Background Reports)

Bristol Water has changed the compensation flow from Chew Valley Lake to make it more natural i.e. the flow is now greater in the winter and less in summer than previously. Bristol Water has recognised the CVFF’s flood risk concern that throughout the winter months the R.Chew flows would be higher due to the greater compensation flow, and is working towards being able to control compensation flows so that it can respond to EA Flood Warnings and Alerts by reducing to a minimum compensation flow. However Bristol Water does not believe the extra flow during the winter months will make a material difference to levels downstream in the event of a flood.

Flood Re Home Insurance

The Association of British Insurers has advised that Flood Re for this year, effective January 1st 2019, has reduced flood insurance premiums by 12.5% for buildings and 33% for contents (see Flood Insurance Tab).

Flood Re state that 46 insurers are linked to their scheme - click on this link to the Flood Re website:

Natural Flood Management (NFM)

The CVFF is liaising with the Bristol Avon Rivers Trust and Parish Councils with the aim of developing a project to take forward the MSc study produced by Richard Pardoe (UWE) entitled “Identifying and prioritising landscape based surface water management interventions in the Winford Brook catchment Nov 2017”. (link to Richard’s paper if he agrees to his study being on the CVFF web site)