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EA, Flood Warnings, and Parish Council

Page last updated: 22.03.2020

March 2020 New river gauge to help Chew Magna’s flood defences Chew Magna residents at risk of flooding (River Chew) will get rapid river level alerts thanks to a new state-of-the-art solar-powered river gauge funded by Bath & North East Somerset Council and Chew Magna Parish Council. For detailed background on this new system see the attached media release from Bath and North East Somerset Council: River Chew flood gauge (click to open).

You can sign up on the Environment Agency (EA) (click to open) website to receive free flood alerts and warnings to you by telephone, mobile, email, SMS text message or fax, whichever you prefer.

The EA advises that residents should ensure they are prepared for flooding, with a suitable plan in place of what to do if flooding occurs. Guidance on how to prepare a personal plan is available on the EA website ('Make a flood plan') (click to open) and a checklist is also available on the website - Personal Flood Plan (click to open link)

The EA has published a number of guides including these:

Flooding: Minimising the risk (click to open) Oct 2012

Flood Warnings: what they are and what to do, (click to open) Nov 2010 updated Apr 2014

What to do before, during and after a flood (click to open) (Was Nov 2010, now undated)

Living on the edge - a guide to your rights, and responsibilities of riverside ownership (click to open) Oct 2014

Owning a watercourse - you responsibilities and rules to follow for watercourses on or near your property, and permissions you need to do work around them (Feb 2018) (click to open)

The updated Chew Magna Parish Community Flood Plan 2015 is available here ( click to open). This is a comprehensive resource covering actions to be taken before or during flooding, responsibilities of all the various agencies, and a detailed schedule of contacts.

Flood Alerts - Environment Agency policy and process. Following an increase in flood alerts from the end of December 2017 and for the early months of 2018, representatives from the CVFF met with the EA to discuss the policy and process. Whilst there has been no change in criteria for alerts, the EA will work with CVFF on a range of related aspects including communications with recipients of alerts and seeking to distinguish, when issuing alerts, between threat to road/low level land and property. Notes on the meeting are attached - Alerts meeting with EA 210518 (click to open)

The EA have stated that Flood Alerts and Warnings are now based on the Chew Stoke as well as the Chew Magna flow guages, and they are exploring greater use of rainfall guages, groundwater readings and weather forecasts.

24 April 2016 B&NES as Lead Local Flood Authority B&NES has rewritten its Council web pages regarding flood risk. It provides links to find out about flood risk from rivers and surface water and how to manage your flood risk; explanations of types of flooding and riparian ownership, and requirements for new development proposals in terms of surface water drainage and flood risk.

16 October 2016 B&NES Council Local Flood Risk Management Strategy. To review the strategy please visit their website ( ). B&NES' Drainage & Flooding Team advises that the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy:

  • Sets out their understanding of the risk of flooding in Bath & North East Somerset, with a particular focus on ‘local flooding’, which includes flooding from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses (typically small streams and ditches).
  • Explains the roles and responsibilities of those involved in managing flood risk
  • Provides information to help local communities, individuals and businesses better understand flooding and the steps they can take to manage flood risks
  • Sets out how they will guide new development to consider flood risk and surface water drainage
  • Contains an Action Plan setting out the measures they, and their partners, will take to manage the risks of local flooding.

15 October 2015 B&NES' Local Flood Representatives Following a meeting of respresentatives on 8th October, the B&NES Drainage and Flooding Team has provided two documents as attached. First, a contact list for B&NES, Bristol Water and the Environment Agency ('Local Flood Rep contact sheet' click to open), and secondly a Powerpoint presentation outlining the work of the Drainage and Flooding Team, the role and flood reps, and more ('LFR Meeting' click to open).

11 November 2014 Environment Agency Flood action campaign briefing Nov 2014 The EA is running a campaign to get people to prepare in advance for flooding. Details in the attached bulletin (click to open) which also refers to more detail on their website at

3 April 2014 Flood Warnings - notes on a meeting held with the Environment Agency on 28th March attached (Word doc - click to open). The meeting was called to consider how Flood Warning forecasting can be improved.