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Flood Insurance

Page last updated: 9.10.2019

Buildings and Contents Insurance is a matter for individual householders. Properties in flood risk areas traditionally were quoted premiums that reflected actual flood experience and/or insurers view of future potential risk. With actual flood events and concerns over potential impact of climate change, premiums were becoming increasingly unaffordable for many householders and, as a result, the Government and the Insurance Industry developed the Flood Re scheme. Mike Curtis has attempted to keep abreast of developments and listed below is a summary of, and links to, papers he has written on this subject.

February 2019 Flood Re. Mike Curtis, Co-Chair CVFF has written the attached update (click to open) providing the average flood risk insurance premiums applying in 2019.

13 February 2017 Flood Re. Mike Curtis, co-chair CVFF has written an update on Flood Re. (Flood Re Update Febuary 2017 click to open).

19 April 2016 Flood Re. Mike Curtis, co-chair CVFF has written an update on Flood Re which commenced on 4th April and welcomes feedback on how the scheme is affecting insurance premiums and excesses (Flood Re Update March 2016 click to open).

27 February 2016 Flood re. Mike Curtis, co-chair CVFF, attended a meeting in Taunton on 11 February. Detailed notes are attached concerning coverage, eligibility and costs for householders (Flood re roadshow Feb 2016 click to open)

16 December 2015 Property Insurance : Flood Re Scheme. An update from Mike Curtis, CVFF Co-Chair on the progress to implement Flood Re from April 2016 is attached (Property Insurance click to open).

7 July 2015 Flood Re scheme for flood insurance. DEFRA issued a letter, copy attached (pdf) stating that revised draft Statutory Instruments were laid before Parliament on 1 July. The letter states "Subject to Parliamentary agreement, these draft Regulations will ensure that flood insurance continues to be widely available and affordable for domestic properties in areas of high flood risk. They will do so without placing unsustainable costs on those living at low flood risk or the wider taxpayer." The expected date for the new insurance scheme to take effect is April 2016.

28 March 2014 House insurance - National Flood Forum advice If you are finding it difficult to obtain house insurance because of flood risk, the National Flood Forum (NFF) offer support. The attached letter from the NFF (Pdf click to open) gives the number for their insurance telephone helpline The cvff Steering Committee had a useful meeting with a NFF representative yesterday and will be taking action based on the advice received - more on this to follow shortly.

Insurance 21 November 2013 The Government recently consulted on proposals to ensure that domestic property insurance continues to be widely available and affordable in areas of flood risk in the UK. The Chew Valley Flood Forum provided a response to this consultation. DEFRA has now published its detailed response, which can be accessed via the website - Government Response (click to open). DEFRA is committed to ensuring that Flood Re is implemented but also will take steps to legislate for a Flood Insurance Obligation, to be implemented if Flood Re proves unworkable at any stage or would not deliver its goals, or if pricing for high risk households under a free market approach proves to be unacceptable. Full details of these proposals are set out in the DEFRA document.

19 October 2013 Information from Mike Curtis, Co-Chair updating forum members about the proposed Flood Re Insurance scheme is attached.

Insurance - on 27 June the Government and the insurance industry agreed a new national insurance deal. A report on the BBC website (click to open) provided more details. More details about insurance are included in the Minutes of the Steering Group held on 6th August (see Background Reports section). An exchange of letters in August 2013 between Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Richard Benyon MP, Minister for Natural Environment and Fisheries, concerning Flood Re and the need for affordable flood insurance (click to open) is attached.

If your insurance company asks for an Insurance Related Request (IRR), you can request this from the Environment Agency using this contact email address: mailto:[email protected] (click to open) See the Environment Agency website for details about this, and what information they need to respond to your request: (click to open)