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Notes of meetings

Page last updated: 30.09.2019

Minutes of Steering Committee Meetings

- Meeting of 6 August 2019. (click to open)

- Meeting of 17 January 2019. (click to open).

- Meeting of 6 June 2017. (click to open).

- Meeting of 27 September 2016. (click to open).

- Meeting of 27 January 2016. (click to open).

- Meeting of 21 July 2015. (click to open).

- Meeting of 3 February 2015. (click to open).

- Meeting of 10 September 2014. (click to open).

- Meeting of 29 April 2014. (click to open).

- Meeting of 27 March 2014. (click to open).

- Meeting of 11 February 2014. (click to open).

- Meeting of 14 October 2013. (click to open). The meeting also agreed to adopt the attached Constitution (click to open)

- Meeting with the EA and B&NES on 12 September 2013 (click to open)

- Meeting of 6 August 2013.(click to open)

- Meeting of 20 June 2013. (click to open)

A meeting of the Chew Valley Flood Forum on 15 September 2014 provided updates on the improvement of flood warnings, the Environment Agency’s flood modelling results, the Chew Magna and Chew Stoke Parish Councils’ flood warden schemes, house insurance and B&NES’s road drainage works. The CVFF Steering Committee also explained its concerns regarding the Enhanced Property Level Protection Scheme in Chew Magna (Word doc atttached, click to open),and gave information that householders should know when agreeing to the equipment to be installed and during its installation.)

At a meeting of the full Forum held on 1 October 2013 the following questions (click to open) were compiled, which were then sent to the Environment Agency, B&NES and Bristol Water so that responses could be provided at the Public Engagement Event held on Tuesday 8 October hosted by the Parish Council.

23 July 2014 Hydrology meeting with Professor Nevil Quinn On 18th July some of the CVFF Steering Committee met with Prof Quinn who has been advising us on the hydrological aspects of the JBA Consultants work on modelling for the Environment Agency. Notes on this meeting are attached (word doc click to open). The Steering Committee are also due to meet with the EA, JBA, Bristol Water and B&NES on 29th July to discuss the consultants report on the outcome of the hydraulic modelling of the local water catchment.

11 March 2014 Co-Chairs Rachel Wilson and Mike Curtis submitted questions for response by B&NES Planning, Transport & Environment Scrutiny Panel meeting on 4 March 2014. These questions covered issues such as outstanding matters concerning UK Flood Barriers, how the £200,000 allocation for Chew Magna PLP will be disbursed, and the proposed Strategic Flood Risk Management Group. The full list of questions asked, and the Scrutiny Panel response, is attached here (Word doc click to open).

4 December 2013 Responses to questions raised by Chew Magna Flood Forum (pdf, click to open) The attached document provides the response from B&NES, Bristol Water and the Environment Agency to the questions raised at the Flood Forum meeting on 1 October and also at the Public Meeting on 8 October. The public meeting was attended by the three organisations/agencies above. (This response is also archived on the Background reports page.)

28 November 2013 The Co-Chairs attended a meeting of the B&NES Planning, Transport and Environment Scrutiny Panel on 20 November to discuss progress. Their report (click to open) is now available. Secondly, prior to the public meeting on 8 October the Forum raised a series of questions of B&NES and the other organisations - the Response from B&NES (click to open) is also now available. Both of these documents are also on our Background reports page.

The Steering Committee met with representatives of B&NES and the Environment Agency (EA) on 12 September 2013 (minutes of this meeting are in the Minutes page) for an initial discussion on the draft reports produced for B&NES by JBA Consulting (as referred to under Current Investigations. (click to open) (Reports now published, see links in Background Reports section).