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Property Level Protection

Page last updated 30.09.2019

April 2018 CVFF was informed by the National Flood Forum that UK Flood Barriers have gone into receivership.

This may also affect connected companies or associated company names.

If you are affected and need to speak to the company you may wish to contact the receivers, MB Insolvency - 01905 776771. The National Flood Forum helpline - 01299403055 is available if there are issues you would like to discuss.

7 July 2015 Property Level Protection - ownership of equipment. B&NES have written to all homeowners where equipment was fitted in phases 1(2010/11) and 2 (2015) to state that all equipment is the property of the homeowner. A copy of their letter is attached (pdf). This letter has been sent to all homeowners affected.

19 February 2015 The Environment Agency have asked the CVFF to inform residents who have been supplied with puddle pumps as part of the current phase of PLP of the following information from UK Flood Barriers. Apparently a number of questions have been asked about their operation. The pump weighs about 10 - 12 kilos and does not need a bucket of water to start. It should automatically start, but if it does not you can tip a cup of water down the pipe to start it.

28 January 2015 The Environment Agency provided the attached EA 2015_installation update (click to open) regarding PLP.

31 October 2014 Enhanced Property Level Poptection (PLP) The Environment Agency have prepared a briefing on the Quality, Installation and sign off (Word doc click to open).for the programme. It sets out the process, involving (UK Flood Barriers (UKFB and E C Harris, independent consultant, and aspects such as maintenance of equipment and the legal agreement.

31 October 2014 Enhanced Property Level Protection (PLP) Questions raised by the CVFF The Environment Agency have now responded to the series of questions raised by CVFF members some time ago. These responses are attached (Word doc. click to open).

16 October 2014 Enhanced Property Level Protection Surveys Some residents have expressed concern to the CVFF about the recent property surveys. Rachel Wilson, CVFF Co-Chair sent a summary of these concerns to Deborah Stokes at the Environment Agency, as the EA officer responsible for the Chew Magna upgrade. Rachel's message and Deborah's reply are attached (Word doc, click to open).

2 June 2014 The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has just published (pdf attached click to open) 'Best Practice in Property Level Protection Systems - Advice for Local Authorities.' This gives advice on the best practice to follow when procuring and installing property level protection systems. The best practice is based on evaluation work carried out by JBA Consulting. JBA Consulting also prepared the major reports into the 2012 Chew Magna and Chew Stoke floods, and are also managing the current Chew Magna project to enhance property level protection.

14 May 2014 Chew Magna Flood Surgery held yesterday, and Newsletter. Many residents attended the drop-in session to discuss the proposed PLP enhancements. Those attending were also asked to sign an expression of interest if they wanted the scheme for their property taken forward to the procurement stage. At that point residents will need to give formal approval before installation, etc. Residents who did not visit the session will now be contacted by the EA and B&NES to check if they wish to proceed or not. Also the EA and B&NES circulated an updated newsletter (Chew Magna Flood Surgery May 2014 (pdf attached, click to open). The Newsletter covers not only the PLP but also other developments including the statement that up to a maximum of £830,000 public funding is available in Chew Magna. The exact sum which any scheme or schemes could benefit from will depend on national EA criteria. The Flood Forum Steering Committee has provided the EA with its expectations from the flood modelling which is nearing completion, and hopes that suitable schemes will be identified to minimise flooding in Chew Magna and Chew Stoke. More details are in the Newsletter, and a further Fact Sheet on modelling (as made available to those attending the session yesterday) will be posted here as soon as the electronic version is received.

26 April 2014 B&NES allocation of £200,000 for flood protection work. All properties recently surveyed (2014) by JBA Consultants should have received letters from the Environment Agency jointly with B&NES setting out in detail the results of the survey and the proposed action for their property. They have arranged a drop-in flood surgery at the Old School Rooms in Chew Magna between 2pm and 8pm on Tuesday 13 May. If your property was surveyed but you have not received your letter please contact the Chew Valley Flood Forum using the contact form (to be found under the 'More' menu) so that we can give you the contact details at the EA.

11 March 2014 Following on from B&NES proposal to allocate £200,000 for flood protection work (see Press Release 4 February here (Word doc click to open) B&NES Council gave approval in principle to the scheme on 18 February, subject to further design work and report. The scheme proposes improvements to property level protection such as dewatering pumps or further barriers.

14 January 2014 BANES have appointed JBA Consulting (who produced the reports into the 2012 floods) to conduct further surveys of the 69 properties which were provided with the PLP equipment. Letters on this were sent to all households in December. The Co-Chairs, Rachel Wilson and Mike Curtis are very concerned that as of 14 January only 25 home-owners have booked appointments for this survey work. The period for these surveys is narrow because JBA are currently undertaking these, and they are scheduled to end by 24 January. A letter from JBA Consulting is attached (Word doc, click to open). This letter also provides contact details to arrange a survey.

The Briefing papers on Chew Magna (click to open) and Chew Stoke (click to open) have more on this.